Ruthie J. Curry
Owner & Retired Educator

AGSTS is a tutoring service established with the state of Georgia on July 21, 2020 by owner, Ruthie J. Curry, a retired educator of over thirty years. It is a virtual year-round tutoring service offered Monday-Friday with Saturday as a make-up day. Ms. Curry has experience that stems across both the public and private sectors of education. She has always had a passion for working with children. During her tenure, she has enjoyed teaching children through singing, reading stories, writing skits, with games or any creative method that would grab their attention in order for them to learn. She has always tried to make learning fun. She has a BS. Degree and a M.Ed. Degree in Early Childhood Education. She is certified in Georgia and South Carolina.

At AGSTS we offer tutoring in Reading and Math to students in grades PreK- 3. Tutoring is based on pre-assessments, teacher recommendations or for general extra practice. Each session is one-on-one for sixty minutes. Students may have one or two days of tutoring each week. In reading we offer tutoring in phonics, reading skills, vocabulary, comprehension, and creative writing. In Math we offer tutoring in number sense, math skills, and word problem solving. We also offer test-taking skills for both subjects.

“Having taught Kindergarten through seventh grades in the public school system, I have witnessed many students who struggled in reading and math. They did not have a good foundation.”

Ms. Curry believes that “If a young child receives the proper fundamentals in the early years, or ‘a good start’, then he/she should be successful throughout the educational years, and throughout life.”  

Her motto is: “A good start is what children need to SUCCEED!

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